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Leisa on ESPN Leisa Naples is a mom of two sets of identical twin girls one year apart. A mom on a mission to help other mothers around the world teach their young children all about healthy living. Together the fab five give quick tips to other busy moms about nutrition, fitness, living green and much more in her recent lifestyle reports.

Leisa is the star, host and producer of over 100 short episodes of Living Well with Leisa™ which aired during news programs locally and nationally. Leisa also stars in ESPN's Flex Appeal, which has been airing for over 10 years, reaching over 80 million homes worldwide. With over 15 years of experience as a Lifestyle Correspondent, Leisa has been featured endorsing fitness products and giving wellness tips in USA Today, Shape, Muscle & Fitness, Cosmopolitan and many more. She has also hosted and produced several commercials, infomercials and fitness videos as well as reported on health and wellness for some of the ABC affiliates on the East Coast.

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Vitamin D: Are you getting enough?

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Leisa's Weekly Lifestyle Tip for Busy Moms

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Are your kids suffering from severe chapped lips as we transition from Winter to Spring? Sometimes as the seasons change our skin can be affected more than anything. Save yourself an extra trip to the store. Before you purchase lip treatments that are filled with preservatives and harsh ingredients, you may have some things at home that could work even better. Try rubbing some olive oil on the lips. Girls love it because it gives their lips that extra shine, just like lip gloss. Another home remedy that you probably have in your cupboard is tea. YES TEA! Soak the tea bag under cool water, then pat it on your child's lips for a few minutes and don't rinse off. All of the antioxidants from the tea help to heal the skin. I use Lipton Green Tea, but you can use any type of tea you have at home.

Leisa Naples Dancewear

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Leisa Naples Dancewear is a full line of dance and activewear for women and their children. Inspired by her two sets of twins who never stop dancing, Leisa started designing her own line of trendy activewear that is perfect for dance, yoga and exercise. After years of designing her own fitness wear for commercials and videos that she has produced and starred in, Leisa has finally brought her designs to you. Now you can look fashionably fit without spending a fortune.

Dance is one of the greatest forms of exercise and is Leisa's secret to losing over 50 lbs after giving birth to her second set of twins!

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